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Welcome to AESI, an 8 (a) & MBE certified women owned business in the state of Maryland.


Crisis in Education

Improving the Quality of Educationis a moral obligation, a basic human right, and a need that remains unfulfilled for many children around the world. It is the core to economic growth, social development, and environmental protection. Using empirical research is the key to understanding both the decline of public education and the prospects for reform. For instance, some researchers suggest that there is little or no evidence that simply spending more money will yield improvements in the classroom, and that academic performance is unrelated to dollars spent with the United States. However, the U.S. Education System is ranked near the bottom in almost all measurable data (e.g.; expenditure-per-student, GDP, graduation rates) compared to countries such as Singapore and South Korea that not only invest in education and are ranked among the top ten education systems in the world.

Current evidence on student achievement and 21st century skills is “unmistakably grim”; all those working in education and policy-implementation should be committed to reversing this trend. For AESI, this is about creating a solid, robust, and comprehensive infrastructure that guarantees accountability. AESI provides technical support to local, state, and federal accountability systems in order to measure and report school or district performance, advance primary and secondary education programs, and improves professional performance.

AESI uses evidence-based strategic roadmaps to guide and monitor the specific analytical processes, while accounting for normal variations by using valid and reliable statistical measures. Our analytic ability allows us to collate results accurately and rapidly, enabling us to create funding formulas that improve basic skill programs in low-income areas, test and assess student performance and teacher training while creating sustainable enriching learning environments. This will lead to the phasing out - or elimination - of unsuccessful or non-effective working practices, and should help to stabilize and improve learning outcomes, thereby aiding the construction of effective instructional programs

Our turn-key educational experts provide:
Adult Education and Literacy
Basic Education
Career and Technical Education Learning with Disability
Leadership and Learning
Measurement and Learning
Policy Evaluation
School Improvement

Global Development and Policy Studies

Instituting Educational Equity is critical to human development, economic growth, and democracy. Using cost analysis, evaluation processes, and global technical leadership models is vital in strengthening in-country cross-cutting issues of gender equality, cultural marginalization, limited English proficiency, and disabled learners within developing countries. We understand that high-quality data analysis is required to make informed decision-making, and to demonstrate progress towards international aims and targets such as the Millennium Development Goals. We also accept that strong monitoring and evaluation systems must be in place to report accurate, timely and comparable data which can then be used to assess quality of service, strengthen programs, and maintain financial support for performance-based funding in fragile countries.

AESI provides state-of-the art mixed-method evaluations involving systematic integration of careful management planning, budgeting, data collection, and evaluation to analyze regional and bilateral programs. We support quality and equity in fragile states by delivering systemic systems that fulfil four pillars: Maximizing Resource, Improving Learning Outcomes, Optimizing Efficiency, Increasing Productivity and Accountability.

Our researchers or change agents provide:

Administration and Logistics
Literacy and Numeracy Learning
Monitoring and Evaluation
Performance Monitoring

Information Technology

Innovation and Reliability at AESI. AESI has recently become an Alliance Partner of the Infor Partner Network (IPN), which means that AESI can create a life-cycle approach to building strong learning content management solutions for customers around the world. This will allow our business process analyst and software training developer to evaluate, design, modify, and enhance existing systems and applications in order to meet new technology and training requirements. This means that we shall assemble an array of virtual educational learning programs to support post-secondary education (as well as vocational and technical training), increase capacity, broaden available networks, and advance skills in a workplace that is constantly undergoing technological changes.

As well as employing technology to move learning beyond a single workshop or informational dissemination session, we also constantly assess organizational improvements, and embrace a broad range of innovative technical opportunities. Aligned with a "best-fit" approach that deepens the individual's content knowledge and pedagogical skills, we use technology and empirical data to develop education, health IT, energy informatics, and health information exchanges to create a bespoke, service-oriented architecture that moves 'learning' forward into the 21st century.

Our superior software configuration and trainers provides:
Learning Content Management System
Leadership Development
Training Services
Learning Management System
Organizational Assessment and Capacity

Program Management

Integrating Lean Six Sigma methodologies accelerates results and is a critical component of the program management structure delivered by AESI. It allows our experts to use performance metrics to create a roadmap to measure and analyze inputs, outputs, and to strengthen and sustain complex projects. The coined phrase “What gets measured gets done,” is the fabric of AESI and ensures that we systematically incorporate an agile, quantifiable solution to minimize system failures, reduce operational cost, and cut risk management.

Our agile program management experts provide:

Organizational Assessment and Design
Performance Management
Program Evaluation
Program Management
Quality Assurance
Risk Management
Systemic Strategic Planning

Research and Evaluation

Innovative Improvements cannot be implemented without quasi-experimental and experimental design by accurate researchers. True researchers (rather than 'fly-in' or 'drive- thru researchers') must provide a blueprint evaluation citing purpose, specific design-criteria, intended schedule, data collection, and other similar logistical concerns, while reporting recommendations using reporting stringent budget analysis. AESI researchers systematically examine policies, programs and projects to help government entities achieve their targeted goals. We use empirical methodological and analytical rigor to gather data, to analyze primary and secondary data in order to fully and completely answer evaluation questions.



Our policy and research experts provide:
Data Analytics
Data Collection
Monitoring and Evaluation
Policy Evaluation  
Statistical Analysis

Science and Engineering
Scientific inquiry and technology development is understanding environmental evolution, the assimilation of data, and how best to foster and encourage empirical enquiry. AESI engineers use mathematics, computers and information research computation to specifically focus on enabling rapid, accurate decision-making within network-centric environments.

Our policy and research experts provide:
Administration and Logistics
IT Engineers

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