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Welcome to AESI, an 8 (a) & MBE certified women owned business in the state of Maryland.

Board of Directors


Dr. Heather R. Harding is Chair, Chief Executive Officer, and President of AESI Inc., a diverse strategic planning and management consulting firm. Dr. Harding's leadership philosophy and professional experience mirror AESI's mission - combining strategic planning with technology to create effective environments that deliver solutions and results to clients. Her personal consulting practice has centered on improving the educational industry worldwide. 

An active participant in public forums, Dr. Harding has spoken on leadership, strategy, and technology at major national conferences in the United States including those sponsored by the National Association of Black Superintendents, Howard University, and the Prince George’s County Women’s fair. Her views on education appear in education journals. Her most recent article is entitled, "A Study on the Effectiveness of Supplemental Education Services for Title I students in Baltimore City Public Schools.”Dr. Harding is active in professional and charitable organizations.  She served as Co-Chair for the Prince George's County Women’s’ Fair and is an active member of the Junior League of Washington, DC. 

Before founding AESI, Dr. Harding was an administrator in the Prince George's County Public School System. Dr. Harding received a B.A. degree in Sociology from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She received an M.A. from Bowie State University in -Counseling Psychology.  She was awarded an Administration and Supervisor Certificate from Johns Hopkins University, and an Ed.D. in Educational Administration Policy from Howard University.


Dr. Harrison-Jones is an associate professor and coordinator of the doctoral program at the Howard University, School of Education, Department of Educational Administration and Policy. For over thirty years, she has held various leadership positions such as Superintendent of the Boston Public Schools; Deputy Superintendent, Dallas Independent School District; Superintendent, Richmond Public Schools; and a school district manager for the Texas Education Agency.

She has also contributed chapter articles such as 2008 - “No Child Left Behind and Implications for Black Students,” The Journal of Negro Education, 76 (3) 346-356. 2001 - Book Review, “Oh, Do I Remember! Experiences of Teachers during the Desegregation of Austin’s Schools,” 1964-1971. The Journal of Negro Education. 2001- Book Review for Moorland-Spingarn Center Lecture Series, (2000) Losing the Race: Black Sabotage in Black America. 2001 - “Recognizing Expertise,” The School Administrator, January. She has contritubuted to national magazines such as Ebony Magazine, 2006 - “Developing Tomorrow’s Principals,” Ebony Magazine, July 2004 - “How and When to Have the ‘Big’ Talk: Answering the Tough Questions and Finding the Right Answers for Your Children,” Ebony Magazine, July 2003 - “Back to School Guide for Parents,” Ebony Magazine, August. Dr. Harrison-Jones has contributed her talents to numerous boards and professional committees, including the advisory boards of the Journal of Negro Education; the Journal of the National Alliance of Black School Educators;    Foundations, Inc. and the Urban Teachers Residency Program. She chairs the A.T. Johnson African American Museum Board of Trustees in Montross VA.  Dr. Harrison-Jones has the distinction of being a Richard O’Leary Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign.  She received additional honors and citations for her diligent work in education from Howard University, the American Association of School Administrators, the National Alliance of Black School Educators, the Massachusetts Senate, the Texas Senate and countless other organizations.

Dr. Harrison-Jones holds a BS in Elementary Education from Virginia State College, an MS in Reading from Temple University, and an Ed.D. in Educational Administration from Virginia Tech.


Dr. Knight embodies the -qualities essential to an outstanding public servant.  She has a proven capacity for effective and competent leadership and an extraordinary sense of hope and vision.  She seeks cooperation and broad community participation for all of her ventures and is truly generous with her many talents and time. The educational philosophy of Dr. Knight and her undaunted determination to bring her goals and objectives to fruition have made her a true leader in the education of minority and disadvantaged students in the United States and certainly in the urban communities of California, specifically, and most recently, in the East Palo Alto community.

Dr. Knight began her education career as an elementary school teacher in Blakely, Georgia, and as a counselor and teacher in Monterey, California. She continued her studies, earning a Masters Degree from Monterey Institute of International Studies and  a Doctorate from Nova University. She has championed the cause of African-American leadership, convening the annual Multicultural Education Conference in Monterey, California; the California Education Summits in Sacramento, California; and the Urban Institute in Santa Clara, California. She became a charter member of the California Association of Compensatory Education (CACE), and served as President of Region III from 1975 to 1977 and President of CACE in 1978. She also served as President of the National Alliance of Black School Educators from 1996 to 1998.

In her years in California, Dr. Knight served as Associate Superintendent for the California State Department of Education; Trustee of Compton Community College; Superintendent of Lynwood Unified School District; and Superintendent of Ravenswood City School District. In Ravenswood, Dr. Knight transformed the education offered to students by bringing the District from the brink of bankruptcy through her initiation of many innovative  programs.  She generated  private and public support for  programs and restored public confidence in the District's ability to educate its children. Her efforts do not subscribe to the traditional approach of correcting “inequities” in the at-risk child’s private life believed to pre-determine the level of academic success. Instead, she is committed to the idea that all children must be accepted as they arrive at our schools, their special needs identified, and available resources galvanized to address these needs and improve achievement. She has held fast to this idea and to the belief that inner city schools can provide a high quality education for disadvantaged inner city children and youth. Through her leadership of the Ravenswood City School District, she has demonstrated that one person can indeed make a difference.

Dr. Knight is known for her commitment to students and their families, her tremendous energy, and her inspirational leadership. On June 30, 2003, Dr. Knight retired after serving forty-two years in public education. On August 8, 2005, she established the Knight Foundation to provide housing for public servants and the poor.


As Executive Vice President at MyLanguage360, Steve is responsible for new business development and marketing activities.  Prior to joining MyLanguage360, he was the Business Development and Marketing Vice President for AdvancePath.  Steve was Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at PLATO Learning, Inc., and was responsible for the development of strategic initiatives that included working with federal, state, and local government agencies and educational associations. Steve has been involved in the educational technology field for over twenty-five years. Prior to joining PLATO Learning, Steve served as President of Innovative Technologies in Education (ITE) and Edusoft America, subsidiaries of Degem. His duties included the daily operations of the organization, strategic planning and business development, sales & marketing, and channel development.  Prior to ITE & Edusoft, Steve was an officer and Executive Vice President of Edunetics, a publicly traded educational software company, in charge of sales, marketing, and business development.


Dr. Rebach has worked over 30 years in education, psychotherapy, and psychometric. His education, career, and research have focused on critical areas such as drugs and alcohol among minorities, chronic mental illness associated with adolescent children, and government social service programs for the poor.  

Dr. Rebach has served as a Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in Maryland. He served as the Chairman of the Department of Social Sciences. As Chairman, he designed the current social science program at the university. Specifically, he developed the sociology and criminal justice program as well as the Pre-College Compensatory Education Program. This program provided remedial reading, mathematics, writing, and statistical analysis for “high risk” pre-college students. The focus was to implement a strong remedial program whereby students would develop skills needed to complete their university program.

Previously, Dr. Rebach’s research experiences included the U.S. National Institute of Drug Abuse on the drug and alcohol use among minorities. ; the University of Maryland –Eastern Shore on poultry science; USDA-CSRS on the delivery of social services and countless research analysis that address the social inequalities in America. In fact, his agency reports are vast such as Report of Program Evaluation, Worcester County Mental Health Clinic (1988); Report of Public Survey as part of mental health needs assessments in Talbot County (1986) Index of Social Services (1977); An analysis of Summer Institute Instructional Program in Language & Communication Skills (1972); and Communication and Campus Disturbance (1970).

He has trained staff and community leaders  on various topics; date rape on college campuses, Towson State University; Stress Management, Multiple Sclerosis Society;  Communication and Management skills, Police Department of Salisbury; Management and Mental Health, Police Institute; Martial Behavior Therapy, Department of Social Services, Communication, Motivation, Management and Evaluations for Government Agencies, University of Maryland.

His publications included Sociological Practice: Intervention & Social Change (2008); Handbook of Clinical Sociology (2002); Clinical Sociology: A Program for action (1996); Substance Abuse Among Ethnic Minorities in America (1992); Substance Use Among American Minorities (1992); Substance Use Among Black collegians (1991); Handbook of Clinical Sociology (1991); Definition of the Field (1991); Intervention in clinical Sociology (1991); Communication and Relationships with Clients (1991); Review of Sociological Ideas (1989); Review of Group Worker at Work: Group Process an Techniques (1987), Review of Speech and the Development of Mental Processes in the Child (1973); and Communication, Motivation, and Management (1973).  Dr. Rebach is a member of the journal editorial board –Sociological Practices; Book Review Editor and Member of the Editorial Staff– Clinical Sociological Review, and Item Writer and Reviewer for the Professional Examination Service for State Licensing Examinations in Psychology.

Rebach received a B.A. degree from the University of Maryland College Park, M.A. degree in Speech-Communication from the University of Maryland College Park, M.A. degree Community-Clinical Psychology from Salisbury State University, M.S.W. degree from the University of Maryland at Baltimore, and a Ph.D. degree in communication from Michigan State University. He and his wife, Dr. Williams, are the proud parents of two children. 

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