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Welcome to AESI, an 8 (a) & MBE certified women owned business in the state of Maryland.

About Us

Our vision is to use cutting-edge research to cultivate a productive and efficient workforce, and to use empirical results to hold global governance accountable.

About AESI

AESI is a data-driven research company that provides accountability and performance management to government, commercial, and nonprofit organizations. Our focal point is to deliver rapid services in three functional areas: education management and development, human resource and operational management, and technology integration. The firm is well known and respected by long-term partners and clients for providing rigorous analytical expertise and sound advice to address significant and complex problems.

We attribute, the strength of our client relationships to the integrity of our people, the value placed on the client, and the ability to overcome challenges and outperform our competition. These components are the driving force behind one unyielding focus – the desire to deliver effective program modules and ensure results.

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Core Values
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Corporate Profile

Founded in 2008, AESI is a for-profit research and consulting firm. The firm is an SBA 8a and MBE/DBE certified women owned business in the state of Maryland. We pride ourselves on addressing in-the-moment complex challenges by providing rigorous high-quality research, management, and professional services to government, commercial, and non-profit entities. We reject a “business-as-usual” or “best- practice” approach; instead we design “best-fit” cost-effective solutions to guide our clients.

Our expertise in the areas of education-management and development, human resource and operational management, as well as in informational technology, allow us to tackle a broad range of complex and critical challenges such as sustainable educational reform, renewable energy, health reform, juvenile recidivism, global economic development, and cyber security. Thus, to address these challenges, we support key sectors such as education, energy, global health, justice, human resources, and national defense.

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We Will

Use data analytics to transform traditional educational systems into superior learning environments;

Use empirical results to eliminate, course-correct, or maximize sustainable programs;

Use performance results to restructure obsolete technological infrastructures into state- of-the art operational systems

Our Services

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Crisis in Education

Improving the Quality of Education is a moral obligation, a basic human right, and a need that remains unfulfilled for many children around the world. It is the core to economic growth, social development, and environmental protection.

Global Development and Policy Studies

Instituting Educational Equity is critical to human development, economic growth, and democracy.

Information Technology

Innovation and Reliability at AESI. AESI has recently become an Alliance Partner of the Infor Partner Network (IPN), which means that AESI can create a life-cycle approach to building strong learning content management solutions for customers around the world.

Program Management

Integrating Lean Six Sigma methodologies accelerate results and are a critical component of the program management structure delivered by AESI.

Research and Evaluation

Innovative Improvements cannot be implemented without quasi-experimental and experimental design by accurate researchers.


Science and Engineering

Scientific inquiry and technology development is understanding environmental evolution, the assimilation of data, and how best to foster and encourage empirical enquiry.



Heather Harding, Ed.D. Chief Executive Officer


Lois Harrison-Jones, Ed.D. Board Chair


Charlie M. Knight, Ed.D. Board Member


Howard M. Rebach, Ph.D. Board Member


Steve Niederman Board Member


21st Century Bound

Improving the success rate for all Americans. At AESI, we understand that the global economy is grim and getting grimmer by the minute for 2.5 million teens (between the ages of 16-19) who are out-of-work or underemployed in America. Two-out-of-three unemployed young adults aged 20 – 24 have a high school degree or less and 790,000 young adults drop-out of college due to financial constraints. The numbers do not improve when we look at the number of college graduates above or below the age of forty who are underemployed, ex-offenders seeking sustainable work, or veterans pursuing financial stability. We have created three programs to assist those affected by their inability to navigate the many pitfalls that appear to hinder those seeking education, soft-skill training, and/or financial sustainability.

We have created three programs to assist those affected by their inability to navigate the many pitfalls that appear to hinder those seeking education, soft-skill training, and/or financial sustainability.    

There are many need-based grants, scholarships, and State Financial Assistance Programs (SFAPs)
that high school graduate, undergraduates, and veterans can apply for. We understand that one of the main stumbling blocks in seeking funding for higher education or re-education is - not only navigating the many choices - but understanding the application process and, indeed, writing a successful one. We work diligently to identify the right grant, scholarship, or financial options to meet the needs of each individual.

We offer guidance on:
College Essays – how to construct, refine, review and submit your college essays.
Financial – how to apply for grants, financial forms, and tuition waiver programs.
Scholarships – how to select, construct, and reviewyour grant applications.


There are limited employment opportunities for young adults, veterans, or those individuals who have been incarcerated within the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Approximately  40  percent  of  federal  and  state prisoners  lack  a  high  school  credential, compared to less than 20 percent of the general population. Allied to this, many prisoners have limited work-experience, and struggle to find employment once released. We understand that navigating the seemingly endless plethora of job-banks and online applications - not to mention the frustrating and soul-destroying rounds of failed interviews - can be overwhelming. We work diligently to help you, not only identify the correct career path,  but  also  to  locate  the  right  grant,  scholarship,  or  financial  options  to  meet  your individual needs.

We offer guidance on:

Career Development – how to choose the right re-training options, vocational course, and career path.
Personal Growth and Development – how to incorporate the '21st Century skills' needed in the modern-day work- place.    
Employment Etiquette – how to prepare for the expectations and potential rewards of modern-day employment.
Vocational Assessment – how to engage with your best qualities, transferable skills, and select a career path.
Communication Skills how best to converse with a prospective employer.
Optimizing Yourself – how to make the best of your resume in order to maximize your ability to gain an interview and how to use technology to generate quality  documents.
Dress of the Occasion – how to best present yourself in order to make that all-important “first impression.”
Presentation Skillshow to use technology to prepare for the questions and suggestions on the best ways to interview questions.


We provide Veterans with valuable support, and information on how to re-engage with civilian life - specifically the demands of re-education.

We offer guidance on:

Career guidance - how to access quality re-training programs for all Veterans.
Re-training grants and benefits – how to propagate a full range of educational, vocational, training, and benefit opportunities available to every Veteran.

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